Waterfalls / Streams / Ponds / Koi Habitats     

 Q, Does Waterscapes offer complete design built water features?
A. Yes! We build water features from clients rough design concepts to the point the
 water is set in motion. Whether it be design services, placement, size & shape,
 desired sound, type of material to be used, Filtration to low voltage lighting.

 Q, Does Waterscapes offer design services?
 A. We offer complete design services to help with the overall design, technical aspects to
      location and water flow dynamics.

 Q. Does Waterscapes build environment friendly GREEN water features?
 A. Yes! we try and utilize energy efficient pumps such as the Sequence or
    Performance Pro series pump. Typical waterfall or pond pumps are 9 amp or above.
    The pumps we use are 1.5 to 2 amp pumps. There by consuming far less energy with
    huge savings on electrical bills. Also with the correct design in regards to
    plumbing and hydraulics. By using larger pipe size we can pump more water
    with less energy consumed. We pay great attention to design of the waterfall to
    lessen water loose due to splash.

 Q. Does Waterscapes use natural stone in their water-features?
 A. Yes ! we try to utilize natural stone from the Northwest such as Weathered &
     High Cascade granite.

 Q. Does Waterscapes install rain water and gray water catchment systems?
 A. Yes! We are currently working with a company specializing in the systems
     needed for just that purpose.

 Q. What type of filtration do you recommend for your ponds?   
 A. This is a very difficult question to answer. There are many systems available
    at the present time. We install
sub gravel filter systems in 90% of the ponds we
    build. We have found through client satisfaction that these system require the least
    amount of maintenance with No Chemical additives.

 Q. Do you install
pondless water features?
 A. Yes! we utilize the
Filtrific systems.

 Q. Do ponds consume large amounts of water to operate?
 A.  Waterscapes builds our water features taking special care in design & installation
     to make curtain that there are no leaks in plumbing, liner and waterfall splash.
     Once ponds are filled the water, recirculation of water through the system
     without adding additional water in normal.

 Q. Can we add fish and plants to the water features?
 A. Yes! plants and fish are recommended to help with the biological sub gravel
     filter. We can help with the addition of plants and recommended fish quantity.

 Q. Are there any filters to keep clean?
 A. No! we use a sub gravel filter system which under normal circumstances requires
     cleaning once every 3 to 5 years. This service is available when needed.
 Q. Do you recommend submersible vs. external pumps?
 A. External pumps last many years longer than submersible pumps under normal
     operation. External pumps use approximately 1.5 amps of electrical power to operate
     vs. submersibles which consume 9amp or more to operate.  

Q. Are there any benefits from owning a waterwall?
A. Yes! very definitely. #1. The soothing sound of water in the immediate area helps to
    relax and invigorate the sole. #2. The flowing water across the wall helps to
    humidify the air. #3. The water flow acts to attract dust from the surrounding air
    which leaves the room with purified air to breath.  

Q. What type of materials can I use on my waterwall?
A. We make waterwalls of Solid granite slabs, Onyx, Slate, Glass, Stainless steel,
     Brass, Bronze and Copper.

 Q. Can waterscapes help with the design and layout of my waterwall?
 A. Our design department can help from earliest design ideas to installation of your

 Q, Can you ship waterwalls?
 A. We can ship waterwalls anywhere in the US. We take great care with packing to
     ensure the waterwall gets to it's destination undamaged.
     Please call or email for price quotes and shipping information.

 Q. Can you build waterwalls into a wall space.
 A. Yes! waterwalls can be built in. Contact us regarding planning and installation.

 Q. Can Waterwalls be used outside?
 A. Yes! all of our waterwall frames and basins are powder-coated to ensure lasting
    appearance inside or

 Q. Can the waterwall be custom made to most any height and width?
 A. Yes! all of frames are custom made to size desired. Please call or email for
    further information.

 Q. What types of stone materials are available?
 A. There are 100+ Granite, Slate and Onyx slabs to choose from?

 Q. Can we use glass and can it be etched with a design?
 A. Yes glass is very popular and can be etched with a logo or design.

 Q. Can we add logos, artwork and designs to the waterwalls?
 A. Yes! We can add designs in many ways. Waterjet cut designs in Stainless Steel
    Brass & Bronze. Also we can acid etch designs in
Brass, Bronze and Stainless Steel.
    Company logos, Symbols. Let your imagination be your guide.

 Q. Do your wall require special electrical needs?
 A. No. They plug into a regular 110 GFI outlet.

 Q. Does the waterwall come with a auto fill float valve?
 A . Auto float valves are available upon request.

 Q. Will I need to add chemicals to keep the water in balance and algae free?
 A. We recommend that the waterwall be treated as nay water feature. Have your tap
     water tested at a local Spa & Pool company and treat as recommended. Waterwall
     should be cleaned at least once every 6 months to ensure water quality.

Please email or call Waterscapes for more information